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Company Profile

The Shellminator, LLC is a company based in San Pedro, California. We invented a unique kitchen  utensil for molding and cooking tortilla shells. The product is simple, fun to use and made out of stainless steel for lasting quality. We have also invented disposable Perfect Taco Holders Eat your tacos right out of your hands and they’ll catch all your toppings or stand up right on your plate!

What we want is to make tortilla shaping fun, simple and exciting in any home, for every occasion, while enjoying what we traditionally love to eat; tacos!
Part of our marketing strategy is to move the product through social media, internet sales and mega retail stores. Look for our shapers at a store near you!
We want to improve traditional cooking processes with new time saving products. We will also back it up with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied, you can ask for your money back within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked! Let’s keep cooking fun!
Our product line is categorized into what we call the “Perfect Shapers” for your tortillas. They are molding utensils for tacos and are designed by our professional staff. We were also surprised to find that there weren’t many competitors in the market, who offered a variety in utensils for shell shaping. We are very excited to share this product with you, your family and friends!

Coming Soon New Products!

Plastic Perfect Taco Shapers for Microwave Use. Several colors to choose from

Plastic Perfect Taco Holders, Reusable and will flatten for easy storage in any drawer. Several colors to choose from

A Taco Shaper Rack Holder, holds (4) Perfect Taco Shapers vertically in any pot, Stainless Steel design

A pot for (4) Rack Taco Holder, designed for our Taco Shaper Rack. Uses less oil then conventional deep fryers in the market, Stainless Steel design. Use with electric burner

 Shellminator Tongs. Designed to pull apart top shaper from bottom shaper when cooking is done

Perfect Taquito Shaper Rack Holder

Perfect Toastada Shaper Rack Holder

Your Favorite Sports Team Taco Shapers & Taco Holders

Perfect Taco Shapers in Small (Street Taco Size). Your kids will love them! Taco vendors can now have Perfect Crunchy Tacos as an new option on their menus

All products are presently in process and are patent pending.

What People Are Saying

on June 20, 2016
Simply the best easiest way to shape your shells in a pan. If you search around you will found a lot of tools designed for deep fryers to get the job done but this is the first I have seen that makes shaping your shells in a pan so easy. We don’t deep fry really that often in our house so it doesn’t make sense to get and store a deep fryer for rare occasions. I love crispy shells however and I was surprised how easy to use these were.
Honest Joe, Amazon Prime
on June 11, 2015

Where have you been all my life? I recently bought this because my friend recommended them and they are just perfect. I heated up a little of oil in a pan, placed a tortilla in between the Taco Shaper and in a few minutes the perfect shell. I’ve always fried my own shells but now I don’t have to pre stuff them with the ground beef.

What I love:
The shells came out perfect ever single time.
Tortillas don’t stick to the Taco Shaper.
Super easy to clean.
Easy to use. I used tongs to flip and remove the shells from the oil.

Susana Williams, Amazon Prime
on August 24, 2015
The Shellmintator makes perfect sense. I have had a pair of taco shapers for a couple months now. It is completely simple to take them out and make the the shell. Clean up is extremely easy due to the design of the shaper but would I love most is that I don’t only have to fry my shells. I can bake them also. Give it try…. You will like it!
Nickster, Amazon Prime
on February 23, 2016
Hands down the best ever. My family will never have another anorexic taco again. I’ve also made breakfast and desert tacos. Follow their instagram or Facebook so many more great ideas.
Tina Medina, Amazon Prime
on February 16, 2017
These are wonderful! We bought ores at the L.A. County Fair. There are a couple of tips. Dip the shaper in the hot oil before you put the tortilla in. The tortilla won’t stick. The other thing is the tongs. I use the Dragoon tongs – solid tongs with a scalloped edge. It took me a couple of times to perfect it. They’re a real time saver. The tortillas are crisp and not oily.
on December 12, 2016
We bought a set of these at the L.A. County fair and were amazed at the great taco shells we got when we used them. Perfect shapes, easy to fill, and less mess when frying. Now we’re buying them for our kids as Christmas gifts.
on March 17, 2017
Yep. They do what they say, and the tacos turn out great. We’ve used them in an air fryer and in a regular pan with oil (we actually used bacon grease, and they were like – so good. No words.) They work, so you should buy them. ๐Ÿ™‚ (obviously don’t touch the metal after you use them – use a oven glove or tongs or something.)
Heather, Amazon Prime
on March 26, 2017
I loved the Shellminator Taco Shapers. They are so easy to use and make perfectly shaped taco shells in just a few minutes. We will never buy boxed taco shells ever again.
Annie LoVerde, Amazon Prime
on April 22, 2017
Works awesome. Highly recomend.
DAVID H, Amazon Prime