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Hello Taco Lovers were are excited to share with you our new inventions we call perfect taco shapers & holders. Together Mom and I invented this great taco shaper to help make homemade crunchy tacos at home. For many years mom made us crunchy tacos 1 at a time in a pan and ending up with V shaped shells with oil grease pockets while getting burnt over hot oil, well those days are now of the past thanks to our new revolutionary taco shapers. You'll now be able to cook multiple tacos at once in a pan with 1/2" of oil, put them in any deep frying basket to expedite the cooking time by half or bake them in the oven for a healthier alternative. You can also make amazing dessert ice cream tacos with our shapers. Making homemade tacos is now easily done without the hassles. You'll have perfectly shaped taco shells Every Time!

We're from San Pedro, California and we are proud to share with you and your family our Shellminator Tacos!

Thanks a Crunch for your support and we know you'll love our products! Enjoy taco lovers!

 Viva Los Tacos!!!

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