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What kind of metal material is used for the taco shapers?

A: High grade stainless steel. 304 2B SS Meets FDA material requirements. Meets ASTM B912

Can I squeeze the shapers to form a narrower or wider shell?

A: Yes you can do so slightly. Metal will tend to expand on contact in heat so it will be necessary to adjust the bottom and top shaper so the tortilla fits snug in between the shapers. Do this while not in use

Why are my shell hard to remove from the taco shaper?

A: If the shell sticks to top shaper simply squeeze the top shaper at the handles slightly so it makes it easier to release itself from shaper (use tongs and fork while in use).

B: If shell remains in bottom shaper (use tongs) to remove from bottom shaper.

Why is the middle of the shell not fully cooked?

A: The oil level must be at the center of shaper when the shaper is on its side. Oil level must be approximately 1/2″-3/4″ in the pan.

B: Oil tempter must be approx. 325 degrees while in use.

Can I use a deep fryer?

A: Yes! Cooking time will be decreased by doing so. Use the same temperature of 325 degrees and cook for approx. 90 seconds total while shapers are fully submerged in oil. A timer may be used for accurate cooking time.

How do I remove the top shaper from bottom shaper?

A: Upon removal from oil, place shaper horizontally on its legs (use tongs) gently squeezing both handles together on top shaper, while lifting and removing top shaper free. (See tutorial video)

Can I re-use my cooking oil?

A: Yes, Let the oil cool down (cold) and place into a bottle. You may mark the bottle to remind you that it was used for cooking tacos, 2-3 times is the recommended re-usage of oil.

Can I use a air fryer?

A: Yes, Be sure it is safe to use stainless steel in your air fryer. See your manufacturing requirements.


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